I’ve found some really useful resources for RPG games over the last few months, and I wanted to share them…

StackExchange: RPG – my first go-to for practical and useful answers to any specific gaming questions, and also gives a lot of advice on group/player dynamics and GM roles. The archives are also very useful and often have answers to reoccurring questions.

How to GM

The Alexandrian Pages are essentially a how-to of GM’ing. They don’t cover everything and some of it won’t be relevant to your game, but a lot of it can be adapted (for example, how to set up a dungeon goes for a building or set of streets, too…) and the advice itself is excellent.

The Angry GM is full of excellent advice (although it often refers to D&D so adjust accordingly for other gaming systems). A lot of pointed comments and the amount of swearing I want to do when faced with my gaming group, so I think it’s a good read.

Also, StackExchange (again). I read all of the posts I could find, and definitely learned the theory of how not to do it…

Game-play resources

The Same Page Tool – are you after a dungeon crawl with lots of monsters and loot? Would you prefer political intrigue and lots of chatting? Is it ok if the GM kills your character, and what system are you using? It can be a little overwhelming for completely new players, but it’s definitely worth a read-through and at least talk about it before someone gets killed…

And on a similar line, the Manyfold Glossary is a brilliant resource to work out what kind of player you are, and what sort of fun you need in your games.

Reddit’s r/rpg is a very good place to ask questions, get advice or just read the previous posts.

11 Ways To Be a Better Roleplayer from Look Robot.

And How To Be The Best D’n’D Player Ever from Geek & Sundry.

For Dresden Files RPG

DFRPG on Evil Hat

DFRPG on the Jim Butcher Forums

The DFRPG subreddit

And what makes it all worthwhile (or makes the GM tear their hair out)

What not to do during an RPG, Part 1 and Part 2

And finally, two stories that made me cry with laughter…

Eric and the Gazebo (and other stories)

The Tale of the Dwarven Cleric