Frustrating writing days

I have days where I can’t write, and today is one of those days. It’s thoroughly frustrating because I’ve got a day off, the cats are being nice and sleeping next to me (versus on me), and the boys were busy with a car so I had peace and quiet. And….nope.

I’ve got things I want to write. I’ve got a wide variety of projects in a wide variety of stages; one Greensky novel that needs a section adding, several that are in the writing stage, a dystopian erotica that’s plotted and needs work, a short horror story that I need to finish, a piece of erotica that’s in my head and won’t come out properly, two pieces to read and comment on for other people…

And I’m stuck. I can’t get in to any of it. I feel like I’ve hit a wall; my brain won’t even come up with the words, let alone get them out. I can’t see where anything needs to go, can’t grasp the story for any of it.

I heard once that writer’s block was just laziness – and I think that a little of it is. I could sit down and try to force the words out, try to get the sections of story at least plotted. But I know – from experience – that it doesn’t end well for me. I get words down, yes, but I end up re-writing the entire thing. I’d much rather leave it for the day, and hope that tomorrow is a better day for writing.

On the plus side, I’ve been pointed at Bright Eyes and She&Him by a friend, so I’m going to eat chocolate and work through their back catalogues instead. I count that as productive!