Flash fiction: font

A quick piece written from the Ad Hoc Fiction prompt of “font”.

Handwriting can tell you a lot about a person. For example, consider the piece of paper I currently hold between my gloved fingers.

The font is slightly crooked; a twist on the S and the T suggests a malleable personality. A bold stroke on the down of the K does speak of a flash of spirit, but the rest is low and drifting. The E and O are almost interchangable, and the pen does not press firmly. The personality overall is quiet. Open to suggestion. Generous. Weak.


I lay the note next to the blank eyes that stare up at me. Her handwriting said a lot about her…and it had the additional benefit of being easy to copy.

A suicide note that was easy to create. An alibi that was easy to forge. A reward that will be easy to take.