Five Weeks of Writing: Roundup of Week 1

I should have done a starting post for this, but I managed to fail…so this is a “Week 1 Roundup” post for my Five Weeks of Writing!

I’ve added some bars on the right-hand navigation for my totals, and they’ve slowly been creeping up. I miss the NaNoWriMo graphs, but I couldn’t find a widget that would do those…but hey, bars are good! And I’m making progress. Bluesky / No Man’s Land has received the most love this week; it started off at 7000 words, so I’ve added an extra 11000 (at last count), and have managed 2000 every day I’ve been able to write. It’s been brilliant *happy dance* the story is just flowing, with lots of random snark and snaps. I’ve been researching weird stuff for it, though…

Shadows also received some love in the plotting stages, and I’ve added about 1000 words to Bright Spark. That one’s currently stalling so that might end up being NaNoWriMo 2016, as that seems to be a good jump-start to just make me write. No Man’s Sky is currently being put on hold while I work on No Man’s Land, and I’m waiting to hear back from two short stories… *fingers crossed*

I do have a bit of a spanner in the works, though. I was originally intending to divide my time between house work and writing. I’ve now been offered two days’ work a week until the end of July, so that pretty much blows my holiday out of the water! I’ve accepted happily as I’ll be a code monkey and it’s a chance to learn so much stuff, and I’m hoping it will actually help as I’ll be more focused for the remaining three days. But…we’ll see. The plan is still in place, anyway!

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