Five Weeks of Writing: Roundup of Week 2

I’ve been doing Five Weeks of Writing, which did have a plan and then got a little derailed by two-days-a-week of additional work…but I’m still ploddin’ along with it.

I’m wondering if No Man’s Land might end up longer than I’d thought. I’m on chapter 5 and I’m about a third of the way into the plot, but it’s currently hit 22,000 words, so I should be halfway through…I think this might make a novel! I’d originally hoped it would, and then gone back to novella when I plotted it (plotting, me, hah) as it didn’t look like it would reach anything beyond 40k. However, my characters are doing what they always do and running away with me. I haven’t even introduced the baddies and I’ve still got another plotline to put in, so I think this could hit 60k at least. Woot!

lizard-sunshineBeyond that, nothing else has received much love. I spent Thursday catching up on reviews and reading, and Friday with friends. Saturday…I just broke. I’ve been overdoing it recently, and my body and mind both made that incredibly clear to me: I had to spend the day on the sofa, and my mental state hasn’t been good. Sunday was a trip out with my housemate (we went to Cirencester amphitheater and I talked about Romans for two hours solid – I had a sore throat after that!) and then sleep and reading. So I haven’t been particularly productive.

However, even with the tiredness and not-writing, I still think about things! I was falling asleep on the sofa on Saturday morning, and came up with a snatch of No Man’s Land plotline. I thought of something else I want to use in Shadows while playing a stupid game on Facebook. I can have ideas anywhere, and often when I let my mind drift, it just happens. So I don’t ever count down-time as wasted when it comes to writing, even if it doesn’t up my word counts.

And as I’m still feeling exhausted and pretty down, something a bit more cheerful to end my week; Lizard came and sat in the sunshine with us. She was distinctly unimpressed as always, but never mind! (And that is a lizard statue she’s hugging. She did like her new friend.)

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