F***! A crafty update from August

Fuck finishedI finished it! It has gone to the recipient, and she officially has a Fuck That She Will Not Give. I love it!

It’s actually been quite a dull project; the letters were great fun, but then the background was all black! I did a huge chunk of it while watching Dune with friends, and finished the rest at the weekend while watching Death Note, so…I suppose that was sort of productive?

I’ve still got a couple of crafty things ongoing; a dress for my work colleague and new curtains for the house are the major ones. However, I also now have a new project…another alphabet!

Ella & Edd sampler

I’ve previously cross-stitched geeky alphabets for friends (see the picture), and I offered to make one for a friend’s one-year-old. The request that came back was “dinosaurs, superheros and comic books”, and I had a wonderful morning looking up dinosaurs and then working out what superheros fit. I’m having issues with “U” and, weirdly, “E” – and “T” is still a point of contention, as a T-Rex may look too much like a Velociraptor when done in small squares. There was also a debate about whether “Pterodactyl” under “P” was unfair…

So I’ve started that; I’ve laid out the squares by marking up the backing with permanent marker (as it’ll get covered anyway) and then, as I have 30 boxes, deciding what I want to put where. In this case, D is a double (Diplodocus!), as is Groot, Pterodactyl and T-Rex. I’ve just started to stitch the boundary, and then can start with the actual images. I’m loving it so far!Cross-1 Cross-3