Extending Greensky

I want to write about the children in Greensky, and while discussing the next story with Jon in the car on the way home tonight, it struck me that this would work as the next section…

And so I think my current plan is to round the first Greensky series off at ten books (as I am currently writing number 7), and then for the next ten, follow the children; Alid, Tomo, Reya, Hod and his sister. They are Mages, Healers, engineers, rebels and leaders; they will have their own paths in a world that I haven’t yet written, and is changing by the day. They’ll grow up in world where flying and electricity are taken for granted, or at least are everyday wonders; but a world where the status of magic, the science of Healing, and the political landscape is shifting dramatically.

So it will be very interesting to see where they go – and the Greensky series now looks like it will be even longer than I had thought!