Edinburgh and a new story

Well, I got a flying visit to one of my favourite cities* today – we got one and a half hours to spend in Edinburgh between the hotel and our flight, which was just enough time to walk round the important bits. I took Jon to the Edinburgh Larder (which, incidentally, does amazing porridge) and wandered up the Royal Mile, and it didn’t rain! But it was as we were heading back on the tram that I caught a glimpse of Eloquentia on the Gladstone Memorial on Coates Crescent, and….BAM.

Eloquentia from https://geolocation.ws/v/E/1953519/eloquentia-coates-crescent/

She looks like she’s just getting up. She looks like she wants to tell you something. She looks like she’s coming alive…

I spent the next half hour waving my hands and scribbling. I’ve now got depressed angels, a missing sword, whiskey, catching cherubs in a fishing net, a very annoyed Gladstone, a sleepy city, a vague plot outline, a vendetta against traffic cones, and a rather terrifying amount of research ahead of me, along with an ending that I need to write. It’s a story that’s going to change and grow and has so many holes waiting to be filled, but it’s there. It’s started. It’s a story.

I was never entirely sure what I wanted to write about Edinburgh. I knew I loved the city; I knew it had a story (or two, or three) in it’s streets. But I don’t want to write a dark one like Shadows, and I’m not sure it fits something silly like Madcap Library – it doesn’t need an entire city for a Sloth, although the thought of him going down the High Street in a shopping trolley makes me giggle every time I think of it! And the city’s too real to fit into the fantasy world of Green Sky. But something that draws on the history of the city, the heart and soul, the people and the places….yes.

Historia from https://www.flickr.com/photos/gora_gray/4968265489/

I’m planning to go back. I need to wander round, take photos, read books, check my map, drink tea and people-watch and just scribble. I’m smiling at the thought of being able to write this story, and it’s absolutely taken root in me. It has to come out. I have to write it.

It’s going to be a good story.


*London is first, and then it’s a tie between Edinburgh and Florence, mostly depending on which one I’m currently in…

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