Dresden Files RPG: preparation

So I’m stealing a Casefile in our Dresden Files RPG (casefile number 8, to be precise) and I’ve already been plotting for it. However, I’ve done most of my planning so far on the computer, and I’m not entirely sure that I want to be flicking through a document to try to find what I want in the midst of a game. So…

Casefile 8 index cardsIndex cards! I’ve got cards with information for each potential place that could be visited, some of the antagonists/protagonists that aren’t the players, a couple of timelines for me and a few details (like a police report).

Part of this is difficult as I don’t know where the story will go. I have a destination in mind, but considering that I’m dumping the main character in Swindon and letting him do whatever works for the situation, I’m not sure what’s going to happen! He’s been winding me up by threatening to call in the Denarians (fat chance, buddy) and although he’s got some limits, he doesn’t have many in terms of what he could do. It’s going to get interesting…

I don’t actually need these cards yet, considering that we’re on Casefile 6, but it was something that I wanted to do. The only minor flaw in the whole process is that the card doesn’t hold ink very well, and I now have odd bits of words imprinted into my thumbs where I’ve held the card in the wrong place while writing. Oh well!

Author: kate

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