DFRPG: Apocalypse…not exactly averted

We’re finished! After two years, the Dresden Files game that I’ve been in as a player, the one that first got me into role-playing games, has finished.

The world’s…sort of intact? Mostly? And we didn’t kill anyone too badly?

Well, we survived.


Anyway! The world’s still there, even if most of Wiltshire isn’t. So it’s fine.

Overall it was a good game, and for most of it, I loved it. I’ve written 160k of fanfiction for the world and my character’s background story. I’ve spent way too much time plotting my own casefile. I’ve been making notes on the books to help me remember details. I’ve started my own games in the same universe, just because I love it.

But towards the end, much as I hated it happening, my enthusiasm definitely vanished.

I think one of my major frustrations with it was the slow pace. We could only play once a month and if everyone was busy, we had to pass on to the next month. As I’ve got my own games running (amongst other projects) the delay meant my headspace drifted – it’s like finishing a book and sending it off for editing, and then I’m writing the next one, and when I get the first one back it’s a surprised moment of “Oh! Yeah! That! Now I gotta remember what the heck was going on with those characters…”

I had some gaming style issues as well. I have (now!) learned not to argue with the GM, but it is hard when I know the world and rules; however, it mostly comes down to different play styles, and as a player you just have to step back and admit you’d do things differently. I get annoyed by fellow-players, too; it’s very easy to go off-track in a character-heavy game, as you are RPG’ing the actual interactions! Staying in-character is difficult, but…ragh. Still. They’re minor frustrations that didn’t spoil the overall game. The campaign had a nice mix of investigation, action, various allies and groups and enemies, and it added a realistic element by being set in a location we knew.

I’ve gotta write up and finish my little project, and then it’s done; one chapter of the game closed! I was originally going to run a second campaign in the world but as I’m already involved in other groups and games, I’ve opted not to. I have more than enough on my plate with the Wolfpack, particularly as they’re currently attempting to start a war…*sigh* players, who’d have ’em?

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