Desert Sands: writing again!

02/08/2014 19:11

After what has felt like an age of not writing anything through a combination of no time, feeling like my head was filled with sand, and not being sure what I want to happen, I am writing again! Desert Sands is on the go this time.

I wrote half of the first chapter a while back, and knew that I needed to get into the plot quite fast after that beginning. So this afternoon has consisted of finishing the first chapter and starting the second, and getting my teeth into the details of the plot and characters. In addition to the new characters and setting, I get to play with some new technology in Desert Sands, and I also get to write Jan, who is a lot of fun – partly because he’s so formal, and partly because he’s so savvy. I haven’t yet brought him into conflict with the Belmont politicians, but I think that is going to be…interesting, shall we say. And lots of fun to write.

I’m currently taking a short break while working out a timeline – unfortunately, when dealing with desert runners, I have to turn my thinking upside-down. They run at night, so that’s technically their day, and then sleep during the day, but then everyone else is working on normal day/night timings. So if someone was meant to turn up during the night, how many days is that? *scratches head* I do need a spreadsheet to make sure I’m working it out correctly, but it does make me feel a little…pedantic, I suppose. Another sign that I’m turning into a Proper Writer who can’t just wing her plots any more!

On a random aside, I’ve been writing to Linkin Park’s “A Line In The Sand” for most of this afternoon; no idea why, but it seems to be the kind of brain music that works. I think I’m on 28 repetitions, so I may be getting a little fed up of it soon…although it is one of the songs I have to learn for music, so I suppose that’s good – I’m definitely learning it!


Anyway, have a snippet:

Belmont at night was a city aflame. The frozen fire glowed, casting out a golden light akin to the fire in its name, and also sent out a dull warmth that was never enough to heat, but enough to take the night chill off the air. Moel found that she noticed things that were…not exactly hidden, but more unobserved during the day. The intricate carving on a block of frozen fire danced and shifted as she walked past; the worn stone of a doorstep displayed the curve of generations of feet in the subtle light; a tiny plant that had taken root in a crack just above a window, stretching out its tiny pink flowers to revel in the heat of the frozen fire just below it.

The awnings refected the light back down, glowing themselves like wings in sunlight, and the night-dwellers filled the streets of Belmont. They mostly wore robes, and in the golden glow of the frozen fire, they glowed themselves; their pale skin caught the light and their dark eyes shone, white robes floating around their bodies like an afterglow of flames. There were a few day-dwellers still around, their skirts looking duller in the subtle golden light, their dark skin almost black in contrast to the pale glow of the night-dwellers. But both groups lived together easily, side-by-side in their seperate cities, divided by the sun and the sky.

Author: kate

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