Craftytimes in July

I seem to be in the middle of a pile of crafty things at the moment!

Fabric_2My sister brought back some sari fabric for me from India, and I finally found my second piece of it. I’ve now got enough to make three or four long skirts, using the patterns as inlay pieces. I want to get some darker silks as well to make the skirt bodies, but as it’s a fairly simple design I’m hoping that I can make the skirts pretty quickly. I usually go to a Textiles & Sewing Evening at Cheltenham Hackspace every Monday, so I’ve got my project for the next few weeks!

I’m also making progress on my samplers. I just added several bars of “All You Need Is Love”, which was a bit of a challenge! I get to play with gold thread today and I’ve also been filling in more on Totoro. Pics when I’ve done a little more, I promise.

Invisible Demon Sampler








And I keep finding projects I want to do…Pixy Stitches on Etsy has some wonderful sampler designs – the Invisible Demon one is Dresden-themed but she’s got some brilliant other geek ones. On the subject of cross-stitch and samplers, I’m also a big fan of X Stitch My Heart. I’ve done Keep Calm And Hulk Smash previously, but how cute is the Firefly one? She’s got LOTR, GoT, Avengers, Buffy, Dr Who, Sherlock, DC& Marvel amongst others…

I’m also plotting another Dresden one-shot, which isn’t really crafty but is very satisfying! I’m giving player-against-player a try, with someone being the baddy in the scenario. It’s likely to end in tears (or bloodshed) but should be very entertaining!

Writing news coming later this week, I promise. I’ve been working on quite a few things so I’ll do a general update 🙂

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