Crafting update: August

This is the latest skirt that I’ve been making! It’s even more gorgeous in real life, and I’ll get some better pictures once it’s more complete. (The right is Sam’s crochet Portal scarf, which is going to be amazing).

Totoro with grassI’ve also been working on my Totoro sampler; the grass is now done and I’ve started working on the background.

Do RPG games count as crafty? Well, they’re going to. I’ve got two new crafty projects related to my gaming!

The first is a bag for my Fate dice. I’ve got the Eldritch set and if I’m going to be playing multiple games, I need to be able to transport them. Sam’s suggested a canvas bag (for durability) with a green silk lining (because I have the material) so that’s hopefully something I can run up at the next Hackspace Crafty Night.

The second project is for my potential Dresden RPG NeverNever campaign.NeverNever map
As you can see, we had fun…Sam and I were on the floor with a sheet of A1 paper, multiple coloured pens, maps of Roman roads, the Ridgeway, old railway lines, tabs for translations of place names, a map of Stonehenge (which involved swearing by me as I got the Cursus and Avenue the wrong way round… #archaeologistFAIL) and some amused eye-rolls from Jon. Astonishingly, we didn’t get joined by a cat; I think they both thought we were being strange! But hey, less cat paw-prints all over the map.

The idea is to hopefully overlay a hex grid onto the map, or at least highlight major points so that it can be used for routes. I’ve still got several things to add to it (pubs and Accorded Neutral Territory, gateways to the Real World, an overlay of Summer/Winter/Wyldfae territories, some Points of Interest) but it’s at least started. I’ve also got a few other ideas for props which could also be fun, but will have to wait until I see what’s happening with the campaign.

Beyond that, I’m still working on skirts at Hackspace and my samplers at home. So that’s it for the moment, but it’s all a work in progress.

Frankie asleep
Frankie’s helping…

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