Crafting: silk and skirts

Sewing has been happening!

Green skirtI’ve been going to Monday Crafty Nights at Cheltenham Hackspace, and over the last few weeks I’ve been making a skirt out of some beautiful sari fabric that my sister brought back from India. I’ve picked a bottle-green silk to use for the infill panels, and I’m about halfway through with it. Non squeaked a lot when she tried it on, so I’ve just got some adjustments and the zip, along with the infill hem pieces, to do and then it’s finished! I’ll take a better picture when it’s done – it’s a full-length one so quite hard to picture unless it’s hanging, unfortunately.

Sam_crafty_2Sam’s been coming too, and he’s been working on a foxy skirt for a friend of ours. It’s quite a simple design but I did manage to mess up the pockets (oops) so there’s some ripping and re-stitching to do next time.

Fox_fabricThe fabric’s the amazing Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed Fox Leaves – I love it! He got loads as well, so we’re currently plotting more things.

My Totoro sampler is also continuing, but hasn’t really had anything exciting enough done to share. I’ll post when the grass is done – backgrounds are so tedious to sew!

Author: kate

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