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Dice_bags_1I have finally stolen my Fate dice back from our Dresden GM (he has his own sets, anyway, so we’re not going to be short for those games). I have the Eldritch set – they glow in the dark! – but I’m also a fan of the Winter set, which is the other special one we play with. One of our players swears that any blue ones hate him, so…um…I may have just ruined his game by stealing the green ones. Oh well!

Dice_Bags_2But anyway, I needed something to keep them in. Having a brief pause between skirts at Hackspace, I decided to make some dice bags.

The one on the left has drawstrings, and was my second effort. The one on the right is lined but was just a simple bag, and I’ve currently got that tied with ribbon. They were both done with rectangles of fabric, sewing the sides and top, and then turning inside out; nothing too complicated until I got to the drawstring top, which refused to co-operate! But I did get there eventually, and so far they’ve worked very well and mean I don’t lose twelve dice someplace in my bag every time I have to travel, which believe me is a real problem for gamers.

Caesar: elephant

On a slightly related note (as in they’re currently in the dice bag as well), have I told you guys about my coins?

Augustus: Mars

I got four reproduction Roman Denarii from I can’t get a decent photo of mine so I’m using the site’s ones (damn camera phone).

I chose coins from the first century AD; they had to be in use at the time of Jesus. It’s a Dresden Files thing; the Order of the Blackened Denarius are fallen angels, bound to the thirty denarii paid to Judas for betraying Jesus – so it had to be things that were already in circulation. I admit I got to geek out a little over my choices; Antony&Cleopatra wouldn’t have been in wide circulation, so I didn’t got with that, and the same with Antony&Caesar.

Augustus: Comet
Augusts: Comet

I also got to absolutely geek out over the coins themselves; although I partly wanted them for a project (which I’ll explain in a minute), I also wanted an excuse to get Roman coins – and from my period, too! Or at least as there aren’t many Republican coins in existence, I’ll take early Empire.

My choices; two with Caesar’s head, with a sacrificial bull and one with a triumphal elephant. And two with Augustus’ head; one with the comet of his ‘father’ Caesar, and one with Mars to celebrate his Parthian campaign.

Caesar: bull

The project that I had originally intended them for was to try to mould them and create replicas, and then engrave or enamel them to get the sigils onto the obverse. However, we’ve been batting around ideas for doing it, and haven’t got any closer to working out what would actually work…so it’s in progress! Other projects have unfortunately got in the way, although I don’t particularly mind; the coins are awesome and I can still use them!

I’m just waiting for someone in a DFRPG to take a Coin, and then I can actually give them one…

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