Christmas 2019: Book Haul

Christmas book haul! It does mean my TBR is bulging at the edges (again) but also… MOAR BOOKS. So… overall win?

Christmas book pile 2019

I got given the Emily Wilson translation of The Odyssey, which I’m really excited about – also, the outside edges of the pages are uncut! It looks really cool. I also got Gideon The Ninth from a charity shop (WHO GIVES THAT AWAY?! But hey, it means I now have a physical copy as well as an ebook!) and Otter’s on a bit of a crime kick, so I picked up The Complete Father Brown Stories (as I’ve only ever read selected stories) and Sherlock Holmes’s Greatest Cases, which contains all of my favourites. I also picked up The Riddle of the Third Mile as a relatively short foray into Dexter, and then we can pick up more if Otter likes them – I wasn’t going to inflict the inch-thick grump that is a Morse book on anyone who wasn’t sure about it!

Another present was The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Tour of Britain – it’s a mix of street plans, old maps and ordnance survey landscape maps, mixed with snippets of history about each chosen place and questions ranging from easy to fiendish! There is one for Oxford, so I’ll have to try that…

I also got She-Merchants, Buccaneers & Gentlewomen by Katie Hickman from a charity shop, and my copy of Dragon Bike came through! It’s an anthology of “short stories about dragons and bicycling, from across time, space, genres, and cultural traditions” and I’m really looking forward to reading.

I also got an ARC of one of my favourite series… eeeeeeeeh! Not saying anything more, but I’m elbowing aside time to read it and hope to do a review soon.

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