Characters for Empty Skies & Sunlight

26/04/2013 20:23

I’m currently (well, off-and-on) working on Empty Skies & Sunlight, the third book in the Greensky series.


Four of the characters – Toru, Anoe, Yeo and Catter – are out of the previous books. It’s nice to be working with a mix of old and new ‘faces’, particularly as Anoe, who only has a small part in Green Sky & Sparks, gets to be the main character in this one. Toru & Catter get relegated to secondary characters, but then I know them so well that it’s like having an old friend wandering around, occasionally adding a smart-ass comment but generally just making the place feel lived-in.


But the rest of the characters are new, which is where it gets interesting. One is based on someone I used to know, which makes it both easier and more difficult – at the moment he’s not developed into his own story person, and the real-life character is still coming through too strongly. However, I’ve found that it usually gets more subtle as I write more of the story, so I’m trying not to focus too hard on it.

The second new character of interest is based on a friend’s wife, who I’ve only heard about and not yet met. She’s fiery, argumentative, a mix of complete opposites and extremes, goes from one mood to another in a blink and generally sounds like a fairly amazing person. I’d heard a bit about her but then randomly thought that Anoe would hate her, and knew that she had to go in the book. They’ll absolutely despise each other but have to be incredibly polite, which should make for some very funny scenes.


So that’s my characters so far. They’re all slowly building into the story…only 4000 words so far but it definately has potential – and I’m enjoying writing it, which is the important thing.

Author: kate

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