Chaos and Destruction

Jon and the diggerSo, uh, it’s Monday. I meant to write a blog post this morning, talking about what was going to happen this week…and then the skip turned up and then the digger turned up and then it rained and then…

Well. Yeah. How did we get to 9pm? And what happened?

If you hadn’t picked up from previous posts, we live in an old pub and we’re slowly renovating it. We’ve still got about two square metres of car park tarmac left, so we hired a mini-digger this week to get that up, along with some other chores (drainage, taking out fence posts, filling in a ditch) that require machinery. The result has been quite a lot of fun!

We’re also taking up the main path (hence the mess at the bottom of the photo) – the housemate and I have mostly been doing that, along with killing ants. We’ve got a fair bit done today although not as much as we wanted due to some external factors (aka. the fuse in the digger kept blowing) but it’s still progressing nicely!

I have managed to do some writing work despite the chaos; I’m editing a short story for a friend and did some rpg write-up earlier too. But if I go quiet this week, it’s because I’m causing chaos!