Desert Winter: GreenSky short story

This is a Green Sky short piece (2150 words) that was written in response to a “Winter” prompt. It’s not part of the series and contains no characters from any other story. Possibly also NSFW if you don’t like any mention of sex, although it’s not particularly graphic or lengthy!

I come from a land of green and shade, where the rustle of the leaves never ends, where the sky ripples above me, where the ground is lengths below and we float through the treetops. I come from a land of warmth, and golden light, and green leaves.

Darkness stretches around me. I cannot hear anything; my ears strain until my head aches.

Now my world is white, and black, and barren. Empty.

And I am cold.

The chill bites into my bones, gripping me with its teeth and shaking me violently. I can still feel, that is the horror of it. I know how cold I am. My heart is still beating, but it is wrapped in ice.

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Short story: visions

This was a piece written with the prompt “Wiltshire” – I was trying to think of something original to write about Swindon!

“Are you ever going to do anything with your life?” Ben demanded, navigating the crowded streets of Old Town in Swindon while also trying to hold a conversation – not the easiest feat.

Mark shrugged. “Like what?”

“Like get a decent job? Or travel? You’ve never been anywhere.” Ben reached out and pulled his friend across the pavement as he was about to step into a lamppost. “Shit, you’re so useless. Half the time you’re not even here.”

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