Business cards

Writing and coe business cards
Writing&Coe business cards – apologies for the blurry photo…

I was getting fed up of telling people my twitter and website, so I decided to get some business cards!

I used, and opted for the MiniMoo cards – I don’t have a lot of text, as I only wanted my name, website and Twitter account on the cards.

There were a lot of lovely designs, but in the end (after a bit of umm’ing) I opted to use my own design, and kept it simple. I used a font that I’ve used before (Bilbo Swash Caps), kept a black&white colourscheme, and created my own logo, and…ta-da!

I’m heading to BristolCon and FantasyCon this year (I will update nearer the time, as it’s my first time for both, but I’m really looking forward to them both!) and it’ll really help to have something to hand out. So…a worthwhile investment, I think.