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BristolCon is on the 26th September!

It’s a writing and fiction convention – a small one, but going strong for a number of years now. I unfortunately missed last year due to a clash with family events (and I’m actually really grateful that I did miss it…the combination of writers and my family in one weekend might have driven me completely insane) so I’m really looking forward to this year.

The programme is looking rather awesome; there are so many things I want to go to! Jasper Fforde is a Guest of Honour, so that’s a win. My top pick of the panels is “Libraries – Past, Present, Future” but there’s three readings I want to attend, two other panels, plus we’ve got a Grimbold book-table that I’m doing a stint on and I want to get time to talk to people…oh, and Jo’s releasing Spark and Carousel at lunchtime. I am definitely in line for a paperback copy and a slice of cake!

And…I’m doing a panel. I must have been insane when I signed up, but I’m part of the “Fantastic Felonies & Criminal Crossovers” panel: Crime is booming on the bookshelves at the moment. Are spec fic writers tapping into this trend and if so, who? When crime writing meets F&SF, is it Murder Most Magical? The Mod is my friend @Figures, and although I know Emma NewmanLor Graham and Paul Cornell by reputation, I haven’t yet met any of them…so I’m mildly terrified. I’m now trawling my to-read lists for any crime, although I am also trying to convince myself that I worry too much. I adore Ben Aaronovitch and Jim Butcher, and I’ve read enough random crime and supernatural stuff that I should be able to say something interesting…

sloth ML-1There’s also a bunch of people I know going, including fellow Grimbold writers and a carload or three of Swindon friends, so I’ll be in good company for the day despite my nerves. I may have a Sloth-sized grin for most of it!

Ps. This is my bio for BristolCon!

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