BristolCon 2017 – tomorrow!

I’m at BristolCon tomorrow! It’s at the Hilton DoubleTree in Bristol from 9.30, so if you’re in the area, come on in! It’s £30 on the door but well worth it, with a whole mix of panels, readings, authors, deals and general chaos. Hopefully this time won’t include exploding battle chickens, but we can always hope.

I’m on a panel about ‘You Are The Product’ at 10am – It’s long been said that if something on the Internet is free, then it’s you that’s being sold. In an increasingly social media obsessed world, where every click you make feeds into an algorithm somewhere, maybe we should be concerned about just what companies do with our information. Is this just tinfoil hat paranoia, or could your online life genuinely affect your “real” life, from the billboards you see to your chances of getting insurance? What will this look like in another decade? Another century?

It’s with Gaie Sebold, Adrian Selby, David Gullen, and chaired by the excellent Kevlin Henney. We’ve been having a chat over email about it and have somehow got onto the possibilities of sacrificing kittens and/or puppies instead of goats….so if that’s anything to go by, it’s going to be a fun panel!

You’ll also be able to find Grimbold Books in the Dealer’s Room with lots of lovely deals and books, so come and check us out. I’ll likely have my Bold hat on so should be pretty recognisable, so say hi if you see me!

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