BristolCon 2016: round-up

Kate in costume
From the awesome Mark Robinson

I went! I saw! I conquered! Well, I sat in the Dealer’s Room and talked to everyone, but I think that counts.

Through a combination of Talking To People and Taking It Easy, I managed to miss seeing any of the panels this year! From what I heard, they were excellent. My first panel was Storming The Castle at 6pm, which got a little insane…genetically-modified mice that turned into fire-breathing dragons got defeated by a fire extinguisher turret and promptly had a foam party. It was that sort of panel. Unfortunately, I had to miss my second – a combination of medical emergencies meant I had to leave, which sucked 🙁 but I heard it was good anyway, so I hope that everyone who went enjoyed it.

The launch of Amunet by Robert Harkness was fun – there was a dramatic reading and then beard-shaving, and cake!

I did a carrot, apple & raisin cake that was vegan, a chocolate almond cake that was gluten-free, and a victoria sponge – plus cog sugar cookies and chocolate moustaches! You might be able to tell that I like baking.

I talked and met too many people to list, but it was awesome – I also bullied a few of my writers (apparently they don’t like meeting their editor at conventions when the first thing she does is smile sweetly and say “so, how’s the rewrite?”) but hey, it makes ’em write 😉

Book stackAnd I have books! All of the books, mwahahaha. Most were from the freebie table, but I have Autonomy because I want to review it, Silent Cit for another review, and I bought EmbassyTown and In The Land of Giants (which is a non-fic about Saxon Britain and looks really interesting!)

Haven’t yet got my ticket for next year, but I definitely want to go.

Edit: I hear Jo’s stepping down as Chair, so ARGH and EEEH and good luck to everyone all round! I also forgot (I blame Not Enough Tea) to add thanks to everyone there – it was excellently organised as always, and very enjoyable.

So next? Leftover cake for breakfast, a pre-NaNo meetup in Swindon, and lots of reading!

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