BristolCon 2016 – Kate’s schedule

I’m off to BristolCon tomorrow, armed with cake, books and friends! I’ll be on the Grimbold Books table for some of the day, so if you’re planning on visiting then do drop by the Dealer’s Room to say hi. I’ve also got a few official excursions…

14:00 – 14:45:  Book Launch followed by Mass Signing

Kristell Ink cordially invite you to the launch of Rob Harkess’s steampunk novel Amunet, followed by signings from the convention’s participating authors.

18:00 – 18:45:  (Have Fun) Storming The Castle

The panellists are the staunch defenders of Castle BristolCon, with its ramparts, crenellations, moat-with-spikes and traps for the unwary conventioneer – can the audience come up with an effective plan for taking the castle?

John Baverstock (Mod), Ade Couper, Jacey Bedford, Mhairi Simpson, Dom Dulley (I’m helping with the moderating for this!)

19:00 – 19:45:  The “F” Word

The late Graham Joyce believed in fairies. He wrote about fairies. He lit candles on his lawn for fairies. But he didn’t like to use the F word (not ‘f**k’. He said ‘f**k’ all the time). He said they didn’t like it, and Graham’s fairies were not people you’d want to cross. “…when the shadow steps out, not only is it sometimes not sweet, but sometimes it stays out…” The panel discusses the darkly numinous otherworld where fairytale meets nightmare.

with Jonathan L. Howard (Mod), Will Macmillan Jones, Kate Coe, Lucy Hounsom, Thomas David Parker

And the full programme can be found on the BristolCon website. Hope to see you there!

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