Blog Hop – Three Things I Don’t Write and Three Things I Do…

27/06/2014 13:58

I have been tagged by Katie Alford (who has some very interesting thoughts on writing on her blog – plus she is a gamer, so I highly recommend reading it) to write about three things that I don’t write, and three things that I do.


I admit it did take some thought on both counts. I don’t write quite a few things…but at the same time, the areas that I do write are so broad or undefined (I don’t really write specifically for children, and I don’t write pure steampunk…) that it’s quite hard to pin anything down. But anyway, here you go:



I don’t get on with reading (or watching) horror, so I think it’s understandable that I don’t – can’t? – write it. I’m also not brilliant on plotting and pacing, so I struggle to get the suspense needed to make an effective horror piece. Having said that, it is something that I feel I should try at some point. I know that I do have problems with certain types of writing, so going so completely out of my comfort zone might help me to understand how to fix the problems.


Romance / Mills & Boon

What Katie said. Shallow, vapid, predictable – which I am sure makes it a good read if you like that sort of thing, but I absolutely detest reading it and would hate to write it. My issue with this is plot and character far more than the actual writing of it, but I don’t think it would be at all beneficial for me to have a go at writing it!



I wrote poetry as a teenager, but I haven’t written any since: I can’t get the hang of the pacing again. Having said this, I have been writing lyrics recently, which are effectively poetry…so maybe this isn’t such a good one.


What I do write:


Steampunk fantasy

I admit that I write a particular brand of steampunk…Green Skies is very much at the quieter end of steampunk and does have added magic, but it does follow the basic tenents of steampunk in that it examines new technologies, new devices that use steam and electricity, the advance of inventions and the thrill of inventing. I happen to twine it into a world where magic is a practical force, and very much enjoy the addition of an extra complication into the idea of using and developing new technologies in an existing society and structure.



I don’t write long erotica – I think a full-length erotic novel is definitely beyond me – but I do write short pieces. Thinking about Katie’s comments, I don’t think erotica necessarily has to be exploring perversions (although a lot does), but it does explore relationships and people, and definitely explores emotion. I find erotica that simply focuses on action very tedious, but writing something that explores the effects of action is much more interesting.



Mostly by accident, but Madcap Library is utterly silly and ridiculous! I didn’t intend for it to be for children, and to be honest I’m not entirely sure that I do count it as children’s writing. It’s just very silly writing that children happen to enjoy along with adults.


I think I’ve just ended up confusing myself about what I do and don’t write! I just tend to write whatever I want to, without worrying about where it fits – which is why Green Skies is so unique and, I hope, so interesting! In addition, I write urban fiction, lyrics, random snippets of drama and dialogue and fantasy and fiction and anything in between…anything I feel like, really.


I’m not passing this hop on to anyone else today, as everyone else who is interested has already done it, but if you have any thoughts or want to do it on your blog anyway – I tag YOU!

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