Blog Birthday! Writing&Coe is three!

Writing & Coe is three!

I’ve been blogging for three years…seems like not long at all, but at the same time it’s amazing. I hadn’t even written most of the GreenSky series in 2013 (actually, I hadn’t even conceived of most of it); I wasn’t book reviewing, gaming or geeky crafting; and I’d only just met Grimbold Books. Now…I’ve published 352 posts over the three years; the GreenSky series has ten books, eight of them complete, and another three novels planned; I’m a GM, an editor, a submissions reader and a copywriter; and I have read waaaaaaay too many books!

So happy third birthday, Writing & Coe! And to celebrate, I’ve got some treats for you guys.

On Monday, I’ve got the first chapter of Salt Winds & Wandering (the fourth book in the series) to share with you. I would give you a chapter from High Flight & Flames (Book 3), but they’re all spoiler-y for Grey Stone & Steel

On Wednesday, there’s a book giveaway – two copies of Green Sky & Sparks are up for grabs!

And on Friday, I’ll release a short story…I haven’t yet decided which one, so there may be two!

And for today: CAKE!

Portal Cake

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