Blank page problems

28/02/2014 06:38

I’ve never had an issue starting a story, or a piece of writing, or an essay. I think it’s mostly because I start in the middle of things, and so I never worry about ‘how to start it’ – I just write whatever down and then fill in the beginning later on. I have heard of it, of course, as something that happens to all those normal writers out there who start writing at the beginning of something…but I have to admit that I do now appreciate it!

I am brushing up on my HTML 5 (I originally learned HTML 4 so 5 has a few new things I still trip over) and re-learning CSS2; in addition, I have a website I need to build. So, hey, combine the two and code it from scratch! So I was faced with a blank page…and had no idea where to start. Even putting a bit of code down didn’t really help, as I’m feeling pretty lost with the formats. I’ll be ok and I just need to sit down and go through it step by step – I know where to find the info, so it’s something that I can ‘solve’ rather than something I need to hammer my brain for. But for the first time, I do appreciate the ‘faced with a blank page’ problem!