A September update

I figured I’d put a few small updates into one post. I’ve got a few longer posts coming in the next few days about Greensky, but I’ve also got some random updates.

So, I was running a Dresden files game recently for a few friends, and I promised to update how it was. We actually played a different game to the one I’d originally planned, which had less thinking and more killing baddies. Result: it was AWESOME. The boys completely and spectacularly messed up…in the very first fight, our vampire should have died rather dramatically (it took a very kind GM to merely throw him into a wall and knock him out for a few turns), the werewolf’s punch did nothing and he went running down the street, and the wizard messed her spells so badly that she ended up juggling a red-hot chain. They fell down the stairs a few times (and the vampire kept landing on his ass), set fire to almost everything, and then failed to rescue the humans or kill the baddy. There was a lot of entirely silly banter, a few Molotov cocktails, a lot of bad spells from the wizard, some teeth-failure from the werewolf, sex-appeal failure from the vampire (although he did try it on a zombie…) and an overall good time.



Although I was incredibly nervous beforehand, the current GM of our other game (who was the failure-wizard in this one) did a really good job of reassuring me – he mostly pointed out that his nerves go from “oh gods I’m going to mess up” to “oh gods what are my characters going to mess up…” which was pretty much what happens! I think that I did ok: I kept everything as simple and consistent as I could, which seemed to work. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to play the other game at some point if the boys want to!

Second, I went to London over the weekend. I used to live there, and for a good few years I missed it with an ache in my chest and a feeling that I could never quite put into words. But now, when I return, I’m feeling more like a visitor. It’s not my city any more; I don’t know the streets, I have to look at the Tube map, I don’t know the shops or the roads. I have memories, not current places. It’s no longer my city and I don’t have that painful ache: I no longer belong to it.

Following on, I was wondering how much that loss will affect Shadows and Ghosts, which were incredibly influenced by London. I think that they have now become self-contained worlds; they are book-cities, inspired by my past memories rather than present, and have become cities in their own right. I’m hoping that I will still be able to write them, and I want to spend another couple of days at Christmas trying to get Shadows finished and working on Ghosts.

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