A reworking of an old story

17/04/2013 10:34

I wrote a story that I called “Star’s back!” (for lack of any better title) when I was about 15. It’s ok, but I abandoned it because I didn’t know what I wanted to happen after the ending.

I was rummaging through my old files a few weeks ago (actually looking for anything I had done that was similar to Connections), and found it, and re-read it. Then I had a long drive, and I started thinking about it. I saw a way to rework it, and a way that I could change it to make it more interesting.

It’s a children’s story, and contains heroes, dragons, mythical beasts and the usual bunch of children causing havoc and chaos. But I hope it’s also a story about loss, about learning, and about thinking about different places.

So, that’s in progress. I might post bits up if they come together ok.