A novella in four days: update from day three

I challenged myself to re-write Empty Skies & Sunlight in four days. I’m currently on 19,300 words and I’ve got the outline sorted. So…not as good as I wanted to get, but not too bad either.

I did rubbish yesterday; I just could not get the motivation (in a write-a sentence-and-give-up way). I couldn’t even get my head into Dresden, so it wasn’t just that which was failing! I did only have the afternoon to write, so I ended up tidying the house and going for a walk. But Thursday was pretty successful, as I managed to get the majority of my wordcount and shift a load of stuff over from my old draft.

I have to admit, though, that this one’s a slog. Sometimes the words and characters just fly; sometimes, they really don’t. Some of the characters are old favourites – Yeo and Anoe mostly – but I also have some new ones, and I’m having to really concentrate on the plot for this one. It’s meant I have to plan, and I hate writing to a plan.

Tomorrow will hopefully go well; the boys are possibly destroying a car, so I’ll settle at my desk and see what I can do. I want to get at least the first two-thirds done; the final third is action and hops to a different location and feel, so I don’t mind too much if I write that at some other point. I want to do another 900 words tonight (which will make me hit 20,000 and also finish a chapter off) but after that, we’ll see.

Author: kate

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