A novella in four days: result

Well, as with all best-laid plans…I sort of failed.

The first 20k is written, and the outline is done. I’ve got sections to fill in (and getting those, or generally plotting, is usually the hardest part for me). I’m happy with my characters; they’re mostly “talking” to me. And I know where the story’s going and what the main themes are.

After a slightly productive Saturday, I only got about 500 words done on Empty Skies on Sunday. But. BUT. I did lotsa wurds! I wrote a 5000-word short story that I’m really happy with; I re-wrote two sections on another submission, and have the fourth section planned out; and I swore at my Dresden writing for about an hour (plotting issues). I got some really good feedback on a short story too (the lovelies @DrSteelsberg and Jenny are amazing). So even though I didn’t actually finish what I wanted to, I was super productive!

So I’m happy. I’ll continue writing Empty Skies over the next few weeks (I have until the summer to finish it) and I feel like I have taken a few steps forward with it and other things. Happy writer!