A March update: lizards, work and failing to write

How is it March already? It feels like this year is going so fast. It’s going to be Easter soon and then Summer and then ARGH almost Christmas again. Anyway, have a brief life update as I have lots of bitty things but nothing I can write a major post on individually.

– We have a grumpy lizard (again) because she’s shedding (again). The shedding is good as it means she’s growing, but she spends a lot of time hiding so we don’t really see her – well, don’t see more than the end of a tail, or possibly a very grumpy-looking snout. It’s weird how I miss being able to glance over and see her; she does watch us, and does like to sleep where she can open one eye and check we’re still there. The whole family now talks to her – she’s greeted when we get in, chatted to, made a fuss of…it’s really sweet and really funny, and I do like having her there when I’m writing or on my laptop or playing the piano. She has a way of thoroughly disapproving of everything, yet always wanting to know what we’re up to!

– Singing: I’ve gone up a grade again – I seem to be going up a grade every two weeks at the moment! I’m currently working on phrasing and my range is still extending (high F! whee!) and it’s mostly my confidence that needs work rather than my voice, so I’m trying to convince my brain to stop being worried and paranoid and actually just sing the damn notes because I know I can. A lovely friend from work has offered to lend me some Elizabethan music for voice & piano which sounds like fun, plus I’ve got some new suggestions from Jay to work on – so that’s progressing and I’m hoping to do some recording over the weekend as well.

– Writing: I’ve finished Biscuits (pending a bit of feedback and a proofread), so the story I’m working on next is for Red Ribbon Press’ “Love at the end of the world”. I want to try to adapt some of my 2014 NaNo Novel, Isolation & Connections, as that’s pretty dystopian and is something I could explore. I haven’t started writing yet but it’s bouncing around in my head, and I hope to start work next week.

– I’m also writing more Duster stories as Hannah’s going to start illustrating them, and I think we both have a favourite so hopefully that will be the first one. Sam was helping me yesterday by throwing ideas at me, and it’s so fun to just bounce things back and see what could happen next. That method of brainstorming doesn’t really work with more serious stuff, but it’s great fun to do with a Sloth!

– The failing to write is Green Sky. I’ve got ideas in my head and I can feel myself balancing on the edge of wanting to write, but I haven’t really had the time to sit down and do it. I’m a little bit scared, I think…I’m feeling nervous about starting again, about trying to get back into the world, about picking up all of the threads and strands that I left when I stopped a few months ago. I’ve got a Writer’s meeting on Sat so I really hope that will make me pick it up, although I suspect I may end up editing something for a friend instead. Green Sky will still be there, and I do have time, but I need to do Grey Stone edits and finish Empty Skies and *sigh* just generally Get. On. With. It. Can someone give me a kick up the arse about it, please?

Apart from all of that, life has been chaos this week (and it’s only Thursday, sigh). I’m looking forward to Dresden tomorrow evening; we’re going to cause absolute merry hell and the GM is already despairing, ha! And I’ve got a weekend of music and friends and games and chaos, which should be lovely even if it is tiring. Hopefully I can find some sunshine to fall asleep in on Saturday afternoon (you hear that, weather?! Sunshine!)

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