A fourth story?

18/05/2013 07:23

So. Green sky series. It’s currently at three books, and I might have had an idea for a fourth. It’s still coming together, but…


One of the peripheral characters, Jan, comes into the story through a sequence of events that leads to him having to get out of his country rather fast, and therefore joins the group that is travelling to Meton. That’s the point you meet him (and S’ian) in Green Sky & Sparks, but at one point I did write some of the story of what happened before that.


(This is all a bit annoying as I don’t want to give too much away, and can’t explain using the characters as you don’t know them yet, but still want to express my ideas…rah.)


Anyway. Jan was involved in the rescue of a lady named Lusa, who he then left in Ceane before travelling to Meton. I was debating telling the story of that rescue, and then picking up Lusa’s story after Jan leaves. The reader know what happens to Jan after that (or will do if they have read Green Sky & Sparks), so the book would potentially be a nice bridge between the two stories. The next book, Changing Winds, picks up six months after the end of Green Sky & Sparks, so I could potentially fill that gap. It would also be a nice opportunity to explore some of the city life in Ceane, and bring in some different personalities – including, I hope, a not-so-nice bullying one which would be a good challenge for my writing skills (why do I keep doing this to myself?!)


We will see, but Lusa’s definitely in my head which usually means that the character finds a way to come out – somehow!

Author: kate

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