A Dose of Editing & Writing Advice

I’m frickin’ exhausted at the moment thanks to moving boxes at work and anxiety-dreams making me tired (although apart from that I’m still great and loving the job!) so have some dollops of advice from this month that I’ve been enjoying…

First, Liz Jones has done two brilliant blog posts this month about editing; one on Elevating Editing (or “what editors can do to keep our jobs when the revolution comes and machines take over the world”) which also has some super practical advice on how to rise above the small practicalities and look at the larger practicalities; and one on Finding The End, which essentially boils down to “don’t give a fuck”. (The longer form is worth a read though!)

And second, Chuck Wendig always has excellent writing advice – I am still adoring his Oubliette Of Unconventional Writing Advice, but this month he was answering the ever-problematic “What Should I Write“, which basically boils down to “whatever the fuck you want”.

The best advice has swear words, I think 😀