Kate Coe portrait picture by Tom Shot PhotographyHello! This is the personal blog of Kate Coe; creative writerbook reviewer and crafty person. I’m an editor with Grimbold Books and have previously worked for Solaris/Abaddon, and I also work freelance for Book Polishers. (All views on this site and social media are my own.)

I write sparkpunk fantasy novellas (the GreenSky series) and urban fantasy (the Ghost / No Man’s series). You can find short stories and the books up in the top nav bar, and I also post updates on my blog so keep an eye out!

Check out my blog to find out what I’m up to, or have a look at my book reviews. You can also find out more about me, maybe get in contact, or just have a browse through the site. I’m on social media too – check out Twitter or Facebook for extra news and general ramblings.

Portrait by the amazing Tom Parker at Tom Shot Photography.

The GreenSky Series

Sparkpunk novellas; Renaissance technology & magic, described as “delightful”.

The first book in the GreenSky series is Green Sky & Sparks, but everything after the first three is standalone so you can pick up any of them – Salt Winds & Wandering is a good one to start on if you’re not sure. There’s also a bunch of free short stories!

The Ghost Series

So this is an urban fantasy series with a sarcastic, transgender protagonist, a lot of snark, a lot of shenanigans, and one of my beta readers wouldn’t talk to me for two days after That Ending. In short, it’s not delightful – but it is great fun!

These are all self-contained short stories, so any of them are a good introduction to Ghost! There is a series of novels but I’m still working out what to do with them.

The Dresden Files Fanfic Series (via Wattpad)

Start at The Envoy, or A Theft & A Journey if you want a longer story. You don’t have to have read the Dresden Files (Jim Butcher) to read these; it’s a standard urban fantasy universe with a few tweaks that mostly get explained.

Other People’s Writing Wot I Have Had A Hand In

The frankly – although I do say it myself – fantastic trilogy of SF&F stories, Holding On By Our FingertipsInfinite Dysmorphia and Terra Nullius, which all feature me as the editor in collaboration with three other amazing editors! They were so much fun – and the final story in Holding On By Our Fingertips will make you cry.

Three anthology covers

And my books! MY BOOKS! I love all of these so much – well, not surprisingly, as I bought them. They are all fantastic and you should read them all immediately – you can find them all on the Rebellion Store.