Kate Coe portrait picture by Tom Shot PhotographyHello! This is the personal blog of Kate Coe; creative writerbook reviewer and crafty person.

~~ Please note: I am on hiatus from 2023, and this site will not be updated regularly. If you do need to contact me, please do so at editor [at] writingandcoe [dot] co [dot] uk. ~~

I’m an editor with Grimbold Books and have previously worked for Solaris/Abaddon, and I also work freelance for Book Polishers. (All views on this site and social media are my own.) I write sparkpunk fantasy novellas (the GreenSky series) and urban fantasy (the Ghost / No Man’s series). You can find short stories and the books up in the top nav bar, along with my blog and book reviews. You can also find out more about me, maybe get in contact, or just have a browse through the site.

Portrait by the amazing Tom Parker at Tom Shot Photography.

The GreenSky Series

Sparkpunk novellas; Renaissance technology & magic, described as “delightful”.

The first book in the GreenSky series is Green Sky & Sparks, but everything after the first three is standalone so you can pick up any of them – Salt Winds & Wandering is a good one to start on if you’re not sure. There’s also a bunch of free short stories!

The Ghost Series

So this is an urban fantasy series with a sarcastic, transgender protagonist, a lot of snark, a lot of shenanigans, and one of my beta readers wouldn’t talk to me for two days after That Ending. In short, it’s not delightful – but it is great fun!

The below are all self-contained short stories, so any of them are a good introduction to Ghost! There is a series of novels but I’m still working out what to do with them.

Other People’s Writing Wot I Have Had A Hand In

The frankly – although I do say it myself – fantastic trilogy of SF&F stories, Holding On By Our FingertipsInfinite Dysmorphia and Terra Nullius, which all feature me as the editor in collaboration with three other amazing editors! They were so much fun – and the final story in Holding On By Our Fingertips will make you cry.

Three anthology covers

And my books! MY BOOKS! I love all of these so much – well, not surprisingly, as I bought them. They are all fantastic and you should read them all immediately – you can find them all on the Rebellion Store.