digital-universe-planets-fantasy-space-wallpaper-hd-desktop-free-download-98993089451Distant Worlds with Sophie E Tallis, July 10th 2015. Talking about what I’d take with me if I found myself on a distant world, my favourite books and book recommendations.

Kristell Ink Interview on Facebook, 17th March 2016. Talking about what I’m writing, my inspiration and my writing set-up.

Interview by Pete Sutton at BRSBKBLOG, 15th April 2016. Talking about the Discoverability Challenge, representation and what I’m currently reading.

Wordy WednesdayTattooed Mummy, Wordy Wednesday, 8th June 2016. Talking about writing, sparkpunk, favourite biscuits and animal/vegetable crossovers. 

Jessica Saunders on Speculative Fiction showcase, 18th June 2016. Talking about libraries, steampunk, spec fic and pets.