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Settling for ‘Good Enough’

Not in your love life (hell no!). But in writing.

I know the ideal is to always strive for perfection, and to keep working until something is the best that it can be, both for yourself and for the thing. It’s Art, dahling.

Frankly? F*** that. In a general sense, I think that striving for perfection damages you. It will never be perfect. It will never be exactly how you want it to. My choice has always been to get it as good as I can, admit the flaws, then move on. I take what I’ve learned and I do better with the next piece.

However, in a specific sense, I do try to get the best I can. I do aim for some level of perfection. I want to write the best work I can; I want to iron out the flaws, fill the plot holes, make the characters tug at the heartstrings. I want my readers to immerse themselves in a story without getting dragged out by flaws or problems.

And most of the time, I succeed. If it’s three major edits and countless minor ones…or another proofread on top of the one I’ve just done…or a complete rewrite…I do want what I push out into the world to be as perfect as it can.

Unfortunately, for one piece that I’ve just completed, I’ve had to just say f*** that. It’s done.

It’s not perfect. It’s good, sure. It’s ok. It’s probably got some flaws and some holes. But meh. It’s as good as it’s going to get.

Part of the problem is that I’ve had so much criticism of the piece that I can’t see where the flaws are any more. I don’t have any distance or confidence in myself to be able to fight back. I’ve been advised to almost completely re-write it, and that is a bit of a shock when I considered something pretty good. Is my judgement flawed? Am I wrong? Am I truly as crap as I feel when I’m reading the critique? I have tried to take the advice on board, tried to be reasonable, and some of it I have accepted and changed. But…at the point that I’m shouting at the screen? At the point I’m nearly in tears? At the point I’m considering giving up writing, because I obviously can’t do this? No. I can’t do more work on this; I just can’t. It’s finished. And that means that my choice at this stage is simple. I put this work out in a format that’s Good But Not Great, or I scrap it. That’s it.

So much as it frustrates me, I have to accept my limitations. I am not perfect, and in this case, I have not achieved the perfection I wanted. It’s not awful, sure. But it’s not as good as I want it to be.

And in this case, I’m fine with that. I make that choice, and move on. I’ll do better next time. I have to do better next time.

And I think that’s what matters: keep learning. Always keep learning.

Blog Birthday! Writing&Coe is four!

Over the four years, I’ve published 537 posts…70 writing and 67 reviews, and the rest either blog or assorted! I’ve had 8610 views over the past year, and 3756 visitors. It’s pretty good for a small blog about me, writing, books, crafty stuff and anything else I feel like writing about – so THANK YOU FOR READING!

I’ve been so disorganised this year that I don’t have any Kate writing freebies, but I can point you in the direction of some freebies from my publisher, Kristell Ink…there’s a free copy of Amunet (steampunk Victoriana adventure with a lot of mystery, a dollop of magic and some really good characters), and also a Rafflecopter of freebies including an Amazon gift card, easter eggs (just in case you’ve run out) and paperback books. Go enter at ttps://

Portal Cake

Also have some cake, because…

Well, cake!

By the way, the next Greensky book is out soon – I don’t have a date yet (we’re waiting on cover art) but it’s coming!

Abusive relationships and friends left behind

I follow the social media of a friend in an abusive relationship, because it’s one of the only links I have left to him. It’s hard when he hasn’t posted for a few weeks, or is really excited about something. I want to connect, I want to reply, I want to check he’s ok. But I know it would only cause trouble, both for him and for me. Even posting this has the potential to get me in trouble; it’s a fine line to walk, but it’s a situation that bugs me and this blog is for my personal thoughts – so hey, what the hell. This is what I think.

Being in an abusive relationship sucks, and watching from the sidelines also sucks.

We can’t reach out. He thinks the world hates him, and he believes that no one wants to be friends with him. Despite words, emails, gestures…there is only so much you can do against someone who really doesn’t want to believe, and has been systematically cut off from anyone who could show him a different view.
But the relationship isn’t everything. We want him to do better in his love life, yes, but it doesn’t meant that’s the be-all and end-all. We revel in his every moment of happiness and small victory. We root for him when he struggles. We enjoy the moments of life that he shares with the world. He’s building a life for himself and building himself up, which is brilliant; I wish we could share in that, but it’s fantastic to see it happening even at a distance.
I wish I could do more. I wish he’d believe that people like him, share his interests, want to know him. But…
Well. What happened, happened, and it’s as much his choice to be where he is as it is ours to remove ourselves from a situation that was made harder by our presence. He’s not in any serious danger; it’s mild emotional abuse from someone who genuinely intends no harm, but doesn’t see how often they cause it. It sucks for us to not be able to contact someone, even as an acquaintance or just to check on them, without it opening a can of worms. But that’s the path he’s treading, and it’s better that we’re not causing problems for him by trying to stay in contact. All we can do is be ready to offer support as and when it’s right to do so again.
We’re still here. We haven’t forgotten you. We don’t hate you. If you choose another path, we’ll offer whatever support we can to make you realise that you are worth so much more than you think you are.
We’re here, whenever you want to reach out. We’ll answer.

Writing to read: Tombtown

tombtown coverRee is a teenage denizen of Tombtown, an underground necropolis of misfits and dark wizards with only one rule: do not disturb the dead. Her days are spent dodging undead and tending the necromancer’s archives, but though she keeps the books in order, she feels out of place herself.

When Ree rescues historian Chandrian Smythe from the clutches of the wandering dead, she believes she’s found a kindred spirit; a fellow scholar to help her explore and document the city of the dead. But Ree must master her ambition and learn to choose between what she loves and what is right, or she and Smythe might both be consumed by the black magic of long-dead kings.

Even necromancers fall in love …

Seriously, read this. It’s on Wattpad and done in installments so it’s only ten chapters in so far, but I LOVE IT. It’s Larry. Larry is just my favourite. You need to read it just for the wandering zombie who affectionately tries to chew on everyone…

Vicorva was writing it during NaNo, and I loved the idea then – so I’m really excited to get the chance to actually read it! It’s Mon-Weds-Fri updates too, so something to keep your week going!