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The first book in the sparkpunk fantasy GreenSky series is Green Sky & Sparks, and the series continues with Grey Stone & SteelHigh Flight & Flames and Salt Winds & Wandering – all available to buy in paperback and for Kindle. They are published by Grimbold Books.


In a world of magic, wind, and electricity, Catter Jeck's search for the centre of the magic catches others in its coils.


Quorl is under attack from an enemy intent on gaining the secret of newfound flight and electricity, and Toru is thrown into the struggle to defend both his land and his partner.

High Flight - cover

The land of Quorl is under attack. The fighting is no longer between men: a battle for the air has started, and new weapons force both sides into desperate measures. Even if Quorl wins the war, what will the cost be?

Salts Winds - Cover-small

When Obak is sent to a small coastal village for his health, he thinks there is nothing for him - until he learns to sail, and his studies call him back.

empty-skies cover

An assignment to find missing people; a Floating Island that roams the waves; a Mage trying to forget a war; an old lover with plans of his own; and a tangled web of runaways and murder...


This anthology charts eighteen worlds which are beautiful, frightening, alien, familiar. These stories cover every corner of the speculative map, featuring horror, science fiction, steampunk, high fantasy and more, in styles ranging from the literary and the lyrical to the pulpy and the thrilling.


A biscuit-themed anthology from Fox Spirits. In The Price of a Biscuit, Rean is a baker in Reyan, dreaming of the world outside...